Karim Manjra

Neither a rebel, nor a conformist.

Avid learner since 1974.

Passionate about writing, photography, music, human behavior and entrepreneurship.



I’ve been into photography since 2014. Since I’ve leveled up my game and reach the status of top 1% most downloaded contributors on Unsplash! That’s above a 150’000’000 photo views and more than a 1’000’000 downloads! And yes I’m proud πŸ™‚!
You can also check my work on Instagram.


I’m not a musician. I do not play any instrument yet… I’ve been producing music since October 2019. Lock-down has helped increase my learning and production rate πŸ™‚. Most of the time, I use loops and samples to create my tracks. At times, I also use an electronic interface to play “real” instruments. I’m planning to publish an album centered on music from the 70s and 80s in the coming 12 months. Stay tuned 🎼😎!


I’m the author of Work With Your Nature, Not Against It. A book that helps people gradually unpack their nature and learn to adapt their work routines accordingly. It provides actionable guidance based on research and experience on how to (re)connect to ones nature, achieve her/his potential, and deliver more.
In parallel, I have been publishing articles about human behavior with an approach centered on biology. This gives a special tint to my writings that hopefully opens new perspectives.


For my day job, I’m an Organizational Development Consultant and a trainer on various topics that revolve around Personal Development and People Management.