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Learn more about what is a true from a fake passion, the link between passion and sustainable business and more.

The bulk of popular psychological concepts (self-esteem, self-confidence, self-worth…) are used interchangeably by most of us. Who cares?
But how can you improve something you don’t really understand? This article helps unpack these concept and guide you on how to build your self-worth.

Most of psychological concepts are used interchangeably… Who cares… But at times it can make a big difference in our behavior… Read through to discover more on the topic.

On a hot summer day, during a zoo visit, the kids observed animals and occasionally burst into laughter making fun of their curious behaviors. I took that opportunity to ask a few questions: Q1: Which… Read More »The Caveman On Change Management

So you’ve been learning a foreign language for a while. But have you ever wondered what makes you sound like a native speaker and what you can do about it?

Best performing companies go bankrupt as they do not cope with the pace of change. A Phoenix co-founder will contribute to renew the company’s business model when it hurts!

Assessing tech skills is tough. Assessing culture fit is way tougher. Here are 7 actionable sources of information anyone can leverage to unveil candidate’s culture fit.

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